Things To Consider Before Choosing A Virtual Bookkeeper or Accountant in India

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Bookkeepers are in charge of crucial areas of a company's finances. Many small businesses, however, cannot afford to hire a full-time specialist. Even huge corporations may only require bookkeeping and accounting services on a seasonal basis, such as during tax season or for a specific project.

A part-time virtual bookkeeper can be a wise accounting decision. So, if you're a business owner considering hiring a virtual accountant in India, below are a few things to consider.

accountant in india
  • Is the accountant you intend to hire well-qualified?
  • You'll want to choose a virtual accountant who is knowledgeable about your sector. Make sure the bookkeeper you hire has a diploma, an accounting degree, or is a chartered accountant in certain situations. Let me preface this by saying that bookkeeping requirements and certifications vary per country. As a result, make it important to ask any bookkeeper you hire about their qualifications and experience.

  • Is your network safe and secure?
  • Make that the virtual accounting services are connected to a secure network. If you don't, a hacker could connect to your network and attempt to gain access to network servers, computers, and other devices in order to steal your financial data. Learn more about the vendor's hosting provider and confirm that they've hired a reputable and experienced data security team.

  • What policies do you have in place in the case of a data breach?
  • Only engage with a virtual accountant or service provider who has a disaster recovery plan in place. Learn what happens if your data is stolen or your servers are compromised. Examine the policies in place by the service provider to limit the damage, retrieve data, and compensate the company that has been injured.

    Examine their alert system as well to see if any security breaches have occurred and what will be done in the event of an emergency. This could help you establish a strategy in the event of a security compromise.

  • What happens to the files once you've finished with them?
  • Find out what happens to older files when your bookkeeping or accounting job is completed by an outsourced service provider. Do they keep files for a set time, keep them on hand at all times, or throw them away after supplying you with copies?

    After the job is completed, will the files be burned on a CD or made available via File Transfer Protocol? Get a formal statement on what will happen to your files if you decide to end your relationship with the outsourced bookkeeping service provider. This inquiry could be beneficial in guaranteeing the security of your financial data.

  • What are the rates for their services?
  • Another key question to ask a bookkeeper is how much their services cost. Examine whether the virtual bookkeeping services you're receiving are affordable. Many bookkeepers charge hidden costs; make sure you choose a trustworthy bookkeeper who charges a reasonable fee. Regardless of the size of their firm, these professionals provide the best and most cost-effective services to all of their clients.

Now let’s learn how to select the Right Bookkeeper for Your Business?

I am searching for an accountant in Delhi. Now how will I know that the selected bookkeeper will be a good fit for my small business?

For that make sure you ask some of the basic bookkeeper interview questions apart from the following boxes:

  • They have the necessary technical knowledge.
  • They're either experts in your field or eager to learn about the complexity.
  • They're genuinely enthused about their work.
  • They are in line with your company's overall goal and are compatible with your culture.

Keep track of the aforementioned questions to make your hiring process a lot smoother, faster, and simpler.

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