Signals and Their Usefulness in Forex Trading

The use of Forex signals has increased in recent years. Now, there are many dedicated Forex signal providers. These are companies that analyze the Forex market and identify high-probable trading opportunities which they subsequently communicate to their subscribers. Those subscribers, in turn, execute them on their respective accounts.

Besides, there are individuals who trade themselves, affiliates who are just in charge of distributing those signals to their users, and analysts working for large financial firms such as banks, hedge funds, and other trading-related institutions. All these parties play key roles in developing and making Forex signals available around.

Most signal providers charge fees for their service. They operate plans with graded prices. For example, there can be basic, standard, and premium plans. Often, these plans are priced differently because of the difference in the services that accompany them. However, there are signal services that are completely free to use, too.

The choice to use either a paid or free signal service is largely discretionary. But experience has shown that most free signal services are of low quality. Nevertheless, are signals really effective in Forex trading? If they are, which is the best to use? Read on to find out.

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Manual or Automated Signals?

Signals can be either manual or automated. Manual signals are those signals developed by human trading analysts who design them in the form of short messages sent out via the different means of online communication such as SMS, emails, and even as social media updates.

Automated signals, on the other hand, are deduced by software or programs. The arrangement by which they are used is known as algorithmic trading. Those computers generate automated signals by analyzing historical price data and using those analyses to predict the price.

So, which is better to use? There is no clear-cut answer. But to some extent, it depends on your situation and preferences. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of both manual and automated signals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual Forex Signals :

Advantages :

  • Manual signals are created by humans who draw from their experiences and expertise to predict periodic market moves. They are, therefore, based on a sound understanding of both fundamental and technical analyses.
  • Because manual signals still retain that human influence, they can be modified from time to time if there is an unanticipated occurrence in the market.
  • They allow their users to maintain control over their accounts. When you are using a manual signal service, you will still have to place the recommended trades yourself.

However, manual signals also come with their disadvantages. They can be received anytime and anywhere, and you will still have to execute them. They can quickly become invalid if they are not promptly executed. Also, since humans are their creators, they do not eliminate emotional trading.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Forex Signals

Advantages :

  • Automated Forex signals allow the 24/7 monitoring of the market. As a result, they result in lesser missed opportunities compared to manual signals.
  • The essence of using software to do any activity is to improve efficiency. Trading robots do this well. They can analyze a lot of historical market information that human analysts simply cannot.
  • By eliminating human analyses, robo-traders help to eliminate the risks of emotional trading. Thus, they are not susceptible to the risks of greed and fear that push typical Forex traders into making wrong, emotional decisions.
  • Since algorithmic trading is almost automatic, it saves time and eliminates stress. With it, you do not have to do anything to profit from the Forex market.
  • Algo-trading is fast and real-time. The program analyses the market, determines the next market move, and go for it. The process is quick.

Nevertheless, algorithmic trading has its disadvantages. The system can be attacked by viruses, leading to its total break-down at the least expected of times. Also, most importantly, since it is programmed, it cannot factor in market sentiment and economic and geopolitical news.

So, finally, are Forex signals useful? Depends. Certainly, they can help to increase your winning rate. If you are struggling to record profitable trades, using a signal service can turn your story around. However, their use comes with a caveat: do not let them get in the way of your development and growth.

Your ultimate aim should be to become a self-reliant profitable trader. Sadly, signals can get in the way of that. You can grow to be so dependent on them that analyzing the Forex market yourself becomes an impossible task. At that stage, you will not be able to identify any opportunity yourself; the only opportunities you will be seeing will be only the ones your signal provider suggests.

Nevertheless, the use of signals is recommended if it is reasonable. Therefore, whenever you want to choose a provider, you should go for one that will not only save your time and boost your gains but will not also get in the way of your growth. 1000pip Builder is that, and you should check them out here.