How to Save Money from Salary : 7 Best Tips

You might be thinking that we earn money to spend. Our primary goal is to satisfy our needs and wants from our earnings. Then, what is the need to save money? If you’re the one thinking on these lines, you might not have gone through cash crunch to date. And if you have, you know what I’m talking about. Saving money or instead planning your finances is a crucial step to live a balanced life. In this blog, you will learn some tactics on how to save your money from salary.

In the times like a cash crunch or a limited/less salary, saving can be beneficial and can provide you comfort. If you are looking for how to save money on a small salary, you are in the right place.

7 Best Tips To Save Money From Monthly Salary

how to save money from salary

1. Knowing your expenses:

The first step towards savings is to take a note at your expenses. Once you know where you stand, things will get easy for you to plan accordingly. Once you have the entire record, you can then segregate them based on its nature. For instance, utilities, leisure, groceries, mortgage, and so on. It would help if you then studied where you can cut down on expenses or plan it well. There are numerous budgeting and spending tools over the internet. If you do not have any idea on how to record or make budgets, you can always surf the internet.

2. Cut down on your internet or television:

Most of us are unaware of how much money we spend on the same things. For instance, if you have a data pack and Wi-Fi, then you need to reconsider your spending. You may not need one of these. Secondly, if you are working, you might not watch television that often. Cutting down on television and using your mobile data to watch your favorite shows can be a money saver. Also, if you have the freedom to choose some channels, you can select ones that you watch the most and make some savings here. You can work out what’s best suitable for you and make some big difference in your lifestyle. You can also read more about save money to live a better life in this corona virus or COVID-19 pandemic situation.

3. Take a grocery list while you go shopping:

Human psychology is strange. When you look at the grocery stores, you may get tempted to buy things that you don’t need currently. Carrying a list and sticking to it will add to some extra bucks in your pocket. Also, it would help if you always compare prices of different brands and, of course, the ingredients (in case you have some specific requirements) and make buying choices. This will help you get cheaper and good products both at the same time.

4. Plan when buying a valuable product:

There might be instances when you buy an expensive product without planning or at a stretch. This might result in a long-term lock on your real needed expenses. On the other hand, if you plan it, you may go through fewer problems. For instance, if you want to but television on loan, you can save the initial payment amount a little every month. Whereas, if you plan to buy it on cash, it would be good if you save for a couple of months before you make the big expense.

5. Keep a track of how much you spend on outside food to save money on a small salary:

You might not have a clear idea on how much you are spending on outside food until you keep track of it. If it seems a lot, you might need to cut down here. The same applies to your go-to coffee. You can save a lot if you choose to carry your coffee from home instead of spending some bucks daily. These are some little things that will add up to your savings at a later stage.

6. How do you go to the office or on weekends?

Expensive cars, fuel, and maintenance can turn out to be a huge expense at the end of the day. If you’re health conscious, you can get a bicycle if the miles between your work and home permits. Or you can also switch to public conveyance if it’s too far. Recently, in Paris, people are being encouraged to use a bicycle for health reasons. You can take some motivation from there or can make it a habit that will do only good for you.

7. Are you a shopping freak?

If you love to shop and are spending more on clothing, you can cut it off here. Some people believe in the concept of minimalism, where they try to live with the least things. If you are the one who wants to try minimalism, surf the net, and you will save a huge amount if you incorporate it. You can also just cut off extra spending on clothing and accessories if you find the minimalism too difficult to follow. It depends on how you think and what are your life values.


There are tons of ways if you really want to work on your budget and spending. But first of all, you will have to get your focus on track. Without willingness, you cannot achieve to spend less. For some, it is really easy to save money. Whereas, some people don’t only believe in spending less. So, you will need to work on your thought process if you wish to plan your finances well. Tips to save money from salary won’t work for you if you have no intention to do it.

Let us know in the comments below on how do plan to cut off your expenses. I look forward to your ways. You can also share your own tips for the readers to explore some more options.