Tips On How To Deal With A Car Accident

In as much as we all dread being involved in a car accident, knowing how to deal with such a situation when it occurs is necessary. You should be aware of what you should and should not do if you are unfortunate to be part of an automotive collision.

1. How To Behave And Manage Other People Involved

If you are unharmed in the accident, then you need to be calm and assess the situation. If the crush does not bring your vehicle to a halt after hitting another car, person, or animal, then you need to stop. Park on the side of the road and leave your hazard indicators on as you get out to assess the injured parties and get them at a safe place away from the moving traffic.

2. What To Say And Not To Say

Avoid pointing fingers and playing the blame game after the accident. Do not start arguing with the other driver or road user. Maintain your cool and try your best to be polite as you try and converse with those involved in the incident. Try not to be pulled into their ranting and goading. Be the responsible one, and maintain your composure. But ensure that you do not admit fault because it may be used against you.

tips on how to deal with car accident

3. What Details Should Be Exchanged?

The law dictates that you should exchange your contacts and any other relevant details with anyone else involved in the accident. You will give your name, license number, car registration number, insurer, phone number, and address. Conversely, you also should collect the details of the others involved in the accident. Also, note down things such as who was driving which car and if the drivers are the owners of the respective vehicles. If there are any witnesses, then get their details so that they may be called upon to give their testimony.

4. Always Have A First Aid Kit In Car

You never know if you can act quickly are save a life after an automotive collision. That is why you should have a first aid kit in your vehicle so that you can attend to the injured to try and stabilize them before the medics arrive at the scene.

5. Who Should You Call?

It depends on the severity of the accident. If there are injuries, you should start by calling the medical emergency services. If some try to leave the scene, then you need to call the police. You can also inform your car repair service provider or breakdown services if your vehicle cannot move or start. If you feel you may require a lawyer contact, Michael R. Herron, read about him here.

6. Collect Information

Remember that the account of two people involved in a road crash often differs. That is why you should collect enough details to have the facts about the accident straight. You should get the make, model, and registration of each car involved in the incident correctly. Also, get the direction they were traveling and the number of occupants in the vehicle.

If possible, take pictures of the scene, and ensure you capture crucial details. Take snaps of the cars, capturing the damage as well as the plates. While at it, inquire if any of the other drivers have a dash camera and would be willing to share their footage with you.

Also, pen down what you believe transpired, writing down facts such as the state of the road, the weather condition at the time, and even any landmarks or road signages.

7. Inform Your Insurer

Since you have the right to file a claim for the damages sustained in the accident, you should call your insurance provider about the incident. That applies whether you think someone is filing a claim against you or you are to claim for the insurers.